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A Guide to Finding the Best Baby Monitors in 2019

A reliable and consistent baby monitor can help to ensure the best possible night’s sleep for both baby and carers. The knowledge that your baby is sleeping soundly can help to ease the worries of an anxious first-time parent or concerns from older caregivers worried they won’t hear them. The current range of baby monitors […]

How to Choose the Best Breast Pump for 2019

Mums choose breast pumps for various reasons. Maybe they are returning to work following maternity leave and they’re still breastfeeding. Alternatively, the baby may not be fully weaned, so a breast pump is required to express the milk. A breast pump can be manual which is cheaper and fairly lightweight as well as easy to […]

Finding the Best Travel Cot for 2019

A travel cot is the perfect way to ensure that your little one sleeps safely and soundly while on the move. If you are a family who travel regularly, then a good travel cot will be a worthwhile investment whether you’re going on holiday or if you’re simply planning a weekend at a friends house. […]

Top 5 Healthy Soup Maker Recipes

Who doesn’t love soup? Whether it’s filling and warming or a lighter, refreshing version served with crusty bread, soup is one of the most versatile, cost effective and flexible meals. If you are watching your diet or simply want to make sure that you are eating healthily, making your own soup is an easy option […]

How to Use a Soup Maker

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy lunchtime fix, or a comforting supper on a cold winter’s evening, there are few things better than a bowl of warm, nourishing soup. There are also some great recipes for summer soups too. Let your imagination loose, and with a soup maker you can experiment at home […]

Your Guide to the Best Slow Cookers of 2019

Slow cookers are all the rage at the moment. Almost everyone has one. And if you don’t have one already, you’re almost certainly thinking about buying one, so read on to understand how to choose from all the models out there on the market. What is a slow cooker? A slow cooker, often called a […]

Best Pressuer Washers

Before you look at which pressure washer to buy, it is important to establish what you will be predominantly using it for. Most people will want them for washing bins, keeping their patios and paths clean, and perhaps even washing their cars. There will sometimes be a need to keep premises such as kennels or […]

Best Inflatable Hot Tub

After a long day at work, what better way to unwind than by jumping in your very own hot tub. For many, the idea just seems like an unrealistic dream, however it doesn’t need to be. In fact, you can get your very own hot tub at a fraction of the cost you are probably […]

Best Bread Makers

Waking up to the tantalising smell of freshly baked bread can become a regular pleasure with a bread maker. The attractive, soft and light loaves that a bread maker produces are often cheaper than supermarket versions, and you can have total control over the ingredients, cutting out preservatives and additives, for example. All the hard […]