Whether you have a large family kitchen that is in constant use or a smaller student cooking area a halogen oven can make a great addition to your array of kitchen gadgets.

In the last year or two many people have been using them instead of their traditional oven. This is because of their reduced electricity costs, smaller footprint and faster cooking time.

When halogen ovens first appeared on TV and on the internet they were largely considered a fad. This could not be any further from the truth. In the span of a few years they have surged in popularity making their way from the teleshopping channel to millions of kitchens around the world.

Halogen Oven Reviews

We have created the ultimate halogen oven buyers guide below. This will help you navigate some of the potential pitfalls that you could stumble upon.

Andrew James Halogen Oven

Andrew James Halogen Oven

We will start by talking about the current best seller on the internet: the Andrew James Halogen Oven. We’ve looked at many different halogen ovens and there aren’t many with digital controls. This makes the Andrew James really stand out amongst the crowd.

The Andrew James has a stylish black finish, digital controls and an overall modern look that wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen.

One of our favourite features about this device is the hinged lid. Whilst this might seem like quite a mundane feature. We found it absolutely essential whilst cooking with a halogen oven. Not having to worry about where to put a piping hot lid was a real time saver whilst cooking.

Whilst all of the devices we have researched in this article come with a host of different accessories. The Andrew James really stands out among the crowd. Some of the accessories included are: A replacement bulb, extender ring, numerous bowls, trays and utensils.

Finally, the Andrew James has a self-cleaning function which makes cleaning the oven a breeze. We found if you take the time to remove some of the larger pieces of debris. All you need to do is add a small amount of water and activate the cleaning function.

The Good
  • Hingded Lid
  • Extender Ring
  • Longer Warranty
The Bad
  • Short warranty on the bulb



VonShef Halogen Oven

Vonshef Halogen Oven

The VonShef is the best alternative to the Andrew James that we’ve seen so far. Most devices don’t come close to it in terms of styling and usability.

Whilst the controls on the VonShef are slightly more dated, that does not mean you should rule it out completely, as it is reflected in the price.

On the front of the device you will find two dials, one for the temperature and another for the cooking timer. The VonShef also includes an extender ring which we found to be the most important accessory.

The only thing we did not like about this device was the lack of a hinged lid. When you are balancing cooking dinner, keeping an eye on the kids and a multitude of other simultaneous tasks the last thing you want to worry about is where to put a hot lid on the kitchen side.

If you are limited on space or just want an easier life. We highly recommend spending a little extra for the convenience of a hinged lid.

Sentik Halogen Oven

Sentik Halogen Oven

If you are looking for one of the best valued devices on the market at the moment the Sentik Halogen Oven might be the product for you. Unfortunately, the idiom, “you get what you pay for”, is still true in this case.

The Sentik makes a great deal of sacrifices to maintain its price point. You will find that it comes with far less accessories than its competitors, no extension ring or a hinged lid. Whilst this may not be a deal breaker for some of you, it will be for many.

The Sentik might be a good choice for those looking to try out halogen cooking without spending a huge amount of money. Ultimately though, we believe many consumers would be better off spending slightly more and going with the VonShef or Andrew James.

JML Halowave

Some of you may remember the first incarnation of the halogen oven on teleshopping. One of the first devices to hit the market was the JML halogen oven. Whilst it certainly wasn’t the best device on the market it did set a precedent for what was possible. This lead the way for more modern devices.

The JML Halowave is part of the newer generation of halogen cookers. It includes a great selection of accessories and has the modern styling which is comparable to the Andrew James.

The JML also importantly includes the hinged lid which many of the cheaper halogen devices seem to lack. As we mentioned before this is a huge time saver and one of the most important things to look out for.

How does a Halogen Oven Work?

There is nothing inherently complicated about a halogen oven. Essentially the device is comprised of several key elements. A glass bowl, a halogen bulb and a fan.

When you power on the device the bulb creates waves of infrared light which heats the air within the glass bowl. Then to ensure that your food is cooked evenly the fan circulates the heat around the glass bowl. Much in the same way as a traditional fan assisted oven.

What Can You Cook in a Halogen Oven?

You can cook anything in a halogen oven that you can cook in your traditional convection oven. It does not matter if it is fresh, frozen or simply food that needs to be reheated. Below are some examples

Below are some examples of the foods you can cook in your halogen oven:


You may well have seen a complete chicken cooked in one of the early promotional videos for a halogen oven. Teleshopping channels often used this as a common showcase for selling the devices. However, the fact of the matter is you really can cook an entire chicken in a halogen oven. You will also find it cooked to perfection.

Frozen Foods

You don’t need to thaw out frozen foods when cooking them in your halogen oven. You can take them straight out of the freezer and cook them as they are. We were particularly fond of using the halogen oven for cooking frozen sausages, pies, chips and vegetables. While it is possible to cook large meat joints with a halogen oven. We highly recommend taking the time to defrost them first.

Baked Potatoes

The baked potato is a British staple, and we had to test it out in our halogen oven. You will find the potato skin crisp and firm. While the potato inside perfectly cooked with a fluffy texture. Long gone are the days of a potato left soggy by the microwave oven.

Can You Cook Frozen Food?

Yes, you can cook frozen food in a halogen oven. It is not necessary to defrost or thaw food before cooking. The general rule of thumb is to treat it as you would a normal oven.

Benefits of Halogen Cooking

Save on Electricity

As we have mentioned before one of our favourite benefits of cooking with a halogen oven is the electricity savings. Not only will you save money from using a smaller, lower-powered device, you will also be cooking for significantly less time. This can ultimately lead to huge savings on your electricity bill. The telegraph did a great write up comparing the electricity usage between a conventional oven vs halogen oven.

Save on Space

The smaller form factor of the halogen ovens makes them excellent space savers. We have heard from numerous consumers that they are fantastic in smaller kitchens that only have a single oven or student properties. You will find they generally take up less space than a traditional microwave and are easier to store in a cupboard once you are finished with it.

Save on Time

Some of our featured halogen ovens cook up to 50% faster than a traditional electric or gas oven. This means you can spend less time cooking and more time with your busy lifestyle.

How Long Does a Halogen Bulb Last?

One of the most common concerns that people have with halogen cooking is the lifespan of the bulb. While it is true that their lifespan is limited when compared to an LED bulb (25,000 hours).

A halogen bulb will last for approximately 2,000 hours. Even if you use your halogen oven for 2 hours a day you will still be getting more than two years life out of a single bulb.

Replacing the Halogen Oven Bulbs

Many of the halogen bulbs we have reviewed come with a replacement bulb. Therefore it is unlikely you will have to worry about replacing the bulb for 4-5 years. In the unlikely event that you lose your bulb or it fails early. You can find a replacement bulb at the manufacturer’s website or on amazon itself.

You can expect to pay under £10 for a replacement halogen oven bulb. So you will not need to worry about having about spending a small fortune to continue using your device.

Halogen Oven vs. Air Fryer

Although the devices have different names they largely work with the same technology. They both use a halogen bulb to generate heat and a fan to circulate that heat.

You will also find that generally air fryers have some form of paddle to rotate the food around the fryer.


There are several devices that came close to being our top halogen oven. Overall, we found some devices were either missing core features, such as the hinged lid, or were missing essential accessories such as the extender ring.

Taking all of this into account our recommended device is the Andrew James Halogen Oven. With its modern digital controls, hinged lid, the huge array of accessories and fantastic price. It is a no-brainer for us. We are currently seeking a replacement for the Andrew James Halogen Oven as they appeared to have stopped selling on Amazon. We will update the blog post when we have further information.

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