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Most of us would be blindly fumbling around through our kitchen before our morning cup of tea or coffee. There is almost no time in our lives that doesn’t call for a cup of tea.

Although it can be relaxing to stare into our kettles in a meditative state as the steam slowly rises. It probably isn’t the most productive use of our time.

If you have a smart meter in your home you have no doubt seen the ominous colour change on your electricity meter the moment you turn on your kettle. Although kettles have been a British staple for generations, they are well known power drainers.

As we say often on this site, technology is keeping pace, and the kettle is no exception. The one cup kettle (Hot Water Dispenser) has become known as a huge time saver this year. The device works by instantly boiling water at the push of a button. It is that simple.

One Cup Kettle Reviews

Below is our top 3 one cup kettles currently on the market. This list will be updated periodically as new products enter the market.

Breville BRITA HotCup

Whilst the quality of water in many areas has increased over the last few years. I am sure many of us remember how unpleasant it could be living in a hard water area. Drinking straight from the tap was far from ideal.

When the Britta water filters first made an appearance on the consumer market it made a huge difference to many communities.

So for many of our readers this device will appeal to them straight away. Combining the Brita and one cup kettle technology seems like a no brainer.

This is the 3rd incarnation of this device that has been combined with this technology. We’ve been seeing this device improve with every incarnation. Breville state that you will be able to boil a cup of water in under 40 seconds. It also comes with a massive 1.8 litre capacity so you won’t have to worry about constantly refilling the device. This large capacity should allow you to fill roughly 9 hot drinks.

You might want to do a few test runs with the device to work out what cup size you need. The Breville Brita HotCup comes with 9 different cup settings so you can set and forget your morning brew. There is also a manual stop button, just in case you go slightly over.

How Do You Clean The Breville Brita Hot Cup

  1. Firstly fill your Breville Hot Cup with water. The manufacturer recommends filling it to the maximum fill level.
  2. Then you must add a citric acid based descaler to the water tank.
  3. Place a cup under the water dispenser and press the start button.
  4. Repeat this process with clean water several times. The full instructions can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Growing up in an area with less than stellar water gave us a great appreciation for Britta water filters. That for me makes this device a clear winner above the others.

Although this one cup kettle does cost slightly more than the others. The improved water quality made a massive difference in taste in our hot drink tests.

Breville HotCup

The Breville HotCup is the second iteration of this particular device. Coming with a larger 2 litre capacity this device really stood out against a lot of the other devices. Depending on your cup size this device can will be able to fill 6 and 10 cups before needing to be refilled.

If you live in an area where you are happy with the water quality or if your kettle is currently the hardest working member of your family. The Breville HotCup might be the perfect device for you. It also sports the same nine cup size setting as its Britta counterpart we mentioned above.

This device is great for those chaotic mornings with a busy family where you are all fighting to get your caffeine fix and get out the door.

How Do You Descale The Breville Hot Cup

Descaling the Breville HotCup is the same process as the Brita Hot Cup. Simply fill your your device up and add a descaling additive. These are normally citrcus based. Although vinegar varities are also available. Then place a cup under the dispenser and run the water descaling solution through the device. Repeat this process as needed.

Our Thoughts

Whilst it does lack the Britta water filter that we loved a huge amount in the other model. It does have a permanent limescale filter. Whilst this is no match for the Britta water filter, it can do a great job, in some cases.

We think this is a great pick for larger families where anything under a 2 litre capacity is going to need refilling day and night.

VonShef Hot Water Dispenser

VonShef have really knocked it out of the park when it comes to styling this device. It comes in black or red. But we think the red looks incredibly striking. VonShef have also managed to sneak in a deceptively large capacity tank. At 2.5 litres even the largest family or most avid tea drinkers won’t have to worry about having to refill this device constantly.

The device is astoundingly quick as well. After pressing the button you can expect boiling water to start flowing from the device in a few seconds. Which will be able to fill an average sized mug in under 30 seconds.

The VonShef is astoundingly easy to use as well. With its simple one button operation it couldn’t be easy. When you want to fill your cup with water simply press the button. When you feel you have enough hot water just press the button to the off position. It is that simple.

Our Thoughts

Whilst the VonShef might not have the brand recognition of heavyweights such as Breville. They are really beginning to gain market share. The device has been getting a huge amount of traction online in recent weeks.

We absolutely loved the styling of this device. In particular in the striking red. Whilst many people will prefer the granular control of the Breville devices. We personally really enjoyed the simplicity that the VonShef offered with its singular controls.

What are the Benefits of a One Cup Kettle?

One Cup Kettle Benefits

We’ve been using traditional kettles for years in the UK. So why on earth should we change now. Well there are numerous benefits over the traditional devices. Below we have listed some of the more important ones.

1. Electricity Usage

The one benefit that gets mentioned the most is the electricity savings. We all know how we fill up a normal kettle. We pop the top off, fill it with far too much water and then complain about how long it is taking to boil. WIth the one cup kettle only boiling exactly the amount of water you need you will save a small fortune on electricity over time.

2. Time

Time is something we all seem to be lacking with our busy lifestyles. If you live in a busy household the morning fight for the kettle can seem like organised chaos. It is either being constantly refilled or permanently boiling. The one cup kettle can remove a lot of this stress by reducing the time it takes to fill your cup to around 30-60 seconds (device depending).

3. A Cleaner Brew

In some cases you will find the one cup kettle has been combined with the technology of other products. Such as the brita water filter. This can massively improve the taste of your tea and coffee if you live in an area with disappointing water quality.

Things to Look for When Buying a One Cup Kettle

One Cup Kettle Guide

There are a few things to be one the look out for when buying a one cup kettle. We have listed some of the features we found to be most important:

1. Speed

Without a doubt this is the most important feature when it comes to buying a one cup kettle. There would be little point in upgrading your battle tested kettle without their being a serious improvement.

The speed for a one cup kettle to fill an average mug can range from between 30-60 seconds. So make sure to check the speed of the device you purchase.

2. Tank Size

Whilst the water tank size of your one cup kettle might not seem particularly important initially. As the days roll on of constantly refilling the tank. You will quickly become irritated with it. This problem will only be multiplied when you have larger groups of guests round. Having to fill the tank during multiple tea rounds will quickly become a hindrance.

3. Usability

Let’s face it. You are unlikely to be the sole user of your one cup kettle and it is unlikely that you are going to keep the instructions to hand. You will want a device that is easy to use at first glance. So, when someone pops round for a cuppa who might not be familiar with a one cup kettle they can use it quickly, easily and without the instruction manual!

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