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Soup Makers have exploded almost out of nowhere in the last year or two. Whilst it was initially thought they might be somewhat of a fad they appear to be gaining momentum at an unstoppable rate.

After a long day at work there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a hot bowl of soup. If you were lucky enough to have a family member who was particularly skilled in the kitchen you might have been gifted some home madesoup.

Nowadays, we are all live fairly hectic lifestyles. Never stopping for a moment to take a breather. Let alone having the time to make soup from scratch.

Thankfully technology is keeping pace with our lifestyles! We have tested a lot of soup makers and generally you will find that most devices can make a delicious soup in under 30 minutes.

Soup Makers Buyers Guide

Morphy Richards Soup Maker

The first soup maker we will be looking at is the Morphy Richards. At the time of writing this is a national best seller. The Morphy Richards is a modern device that comes in a stainless steel finish with a generous 1.6 litre capacity. Morphy Richards state that this capacity can serve up to 6 people (depending on your serving size).

The Morphy Richards comes with two primary settings, smooth and chunky, depending how you like your soup. It can also make hot and delicious soup in under 30 minutes (25 minutes to be exact).

Using the Morphy Richards Soup Maker is super simple. All you need to do is chop your ingredients into smaller pieces by hand or using a food processor. Morphy Richards recommend chopping up your ingredients into pieces between one and two centimeters. This will allow the soup to cook properly within the allotted time or if you are using the “smooth” setting it will allow the ingredients to blend completely.

Once you have done this you can keep an eye on the top of the device. You will see an LED timer showing exactly how many minutes are left until your delicious soup is ready. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

One of the most common questions we get about soup makers is whether they are a nightmare to clean. In the case of the Morphy Richards it couldn’t be easier. The device features an easy to clean, non-stick coating, so you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing it. Morphy Richards recommend simply rinsing it under the tap and then using a soapy sponge on any other areas.

Our Thoughts

The Morphy Richards is without a doubt our favourite soup maker out of the bunch. Its priced brilliantly and incredibly easy to clean.

Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

The Tefal Easy Soup is a significantly more compact device when compared to some of its larger capacity competitors. The tefal BL841140 easy soup maker has a smaller capacity of 1.2 litres. I’m sure for some of our readers with larger families this might be a deal breaker. But for many of you this won’t be an issue.

The Tefal BL841140 is super easy to use and you’ll be able to get started in no time. It comes with five built in programmes. Four of these are for your recipes and a final one for when it is time to clean your device. These programmes include:

  • Creamed Soup
  • Soup with Pieces
  • Compote
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Blend

You will find all of these programmes on its easy to use control panel. Each programme is separated out with its own large button. Finally there is a large button in the center of the device for starting and stopping the current programme.

Once the programme is complete the device will let you know it is finished with a beep. You might be worried about forgetting you left the device running and returning to cold soup. This isn’t a problem with the Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup as it makes use of its keep warm programme. This mode will run for approximately 40 minutes.

Cooking times vary depending on what you are making. Tefal state a “smooth soup” will take around 23 minutes. Whilst a “chunky soup” will take around 25 minutes. The remaining functions are “non-cooking” with compote taking 20 minutes and smoothie taking 4 minutes.

Our Thoughts

Ultimately we loved the Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup Maker with its more compact form factor. Our only critique was the inclusion of the smoothie maker. Whilst it does make satisfactory smoothies. We felt Tefal was trying to do too much with one device. It is a very capable soup maker but we will feel many will omit the smoothie function.

We also love the fact that Tefal took the time to include a recipe book. Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for your new gadget. When the manufacturer takes the time to include some recipes that are tried and tested with their device it makes everyone’s lives easier.

VonShef Multifunctional Digital Soup Maker

Whilst the VonShef might not be as flashy or stylish as the other devices we have reviewed. It is still a very functional. The simplicity of the VonShef makes it very easy to use. Are you need to do is roughly chop up your vegetables and put them in the device. Then just add water and the VonShef soup maker will do all the hard work.

It has a generous 1.75 litre capacity which means you will be able to make a decent batch of soup for yourself or family. If you are concerned about safety, it also has a thermal cut out feature. This means in the event that the device overheats. The Vonshef will automatically cut out and stop the current programme.

The VonShef soup maker has four primary programmes. You can choose from Chunky, Smooth, Blend of Pulse. This granular control will allow you to make soup just the way you like it.

You also aren’t limited to just soups. VonShef also state that you can make smoothies in it. Although it won’t compare to your normal smoothie maker. The fruits will need to be soft. Don’t expect to blend anything frozen in this device.

Our Thoughts

The VonShef is another great device from a brilliant manufacturer. Whilst it is a much simpler and understated device compared to some of its more modern competitors. It is still a competitor in this space. We loved the granular control and the ability to see your soup easily whilst it was cooking. It is certainly a more hands on soup maker. But many people will prefer this style of cooking opposed to the set and forget style.


How does a Soup Maker Work?

Soup makers for the most part are actually very simple .They are actually very similar to your standard blender. Although they have some added extras to improve on the automation and to ease cleaning them.

After you have initially roughly chopped your ingredients for your soup maker, put them in the device and added the appropriate amount of water. A small blade will further chop and blend your chosen ingredients for a set amount of time.

Once the initial chopping and cutting has taken place a heating element at the bottom of the device will activate. This heating element will act much in the same way as a traditional kettle. Over the course of the runtime the heating element will slowly heat and cook the soup. This will generally take between 20 and 30 minutes. Depending on which ingredients you have chosen and soup style (chunky or smooth).

Important Soup Maker Features

Soup Maker Features

1. Cooking Capacity

If you are going to be using your device a lot. It is very important that you make sure you get a device with the right capacity. One of our favourite things about soup is making tons of it to store away in the fridge or freezer. When you are taking the time to partially automate your soup making being stuck with a smaller capacity may slowly drive you insane.

2. Functionality

Some devices come with more bells and whistles than others. When looking at soup makers make sure you aren’t paying extra for functionality you will next be using. If you already have a capable smoothie maker in your household. Will you really need a soup maker with that functionality? I imagine not.

The inverse is also true. If you fancy the occasional smoothie from time to time. A soup maker with this functionality might be a great bonus.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning your kitchenware is unavoidable. But if a device is a nightmare to clean you may find you never use it. Merely out of the fear of having to clean it! Many soup makers have a self cleaning function which can save you a ton of headaches.

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